I have always loved to cook, but rarely ever do it. I pour over cookbooks and food blogs. Dream of creating dishes, and eating them up. I love the feeling I get when I make a meal that someone else enjoys.

Growing up I spent hours in the kitchen with my Dad, and my Nani watching their every move. How they chopped each ingredient, how they never measured anything. How proud and satisfied they were to get their dishes to taste just right.

Working in the service industry for the majority of my adult life I have been able to expand my knowledge of types of cuisine, ingredients, presentation, pairings, and technique. Again, I would spend downtime watching the food be prepared, impressed by the chefs intuition, and skill.

My hubby and I love food. All kinds…we aren’t picky. We both have our favorite dishes but we also love discovering new ones. We just love food.

As I had said early, I love to cook but do not do it often enough. I think one reason is that I am not very confident in the kitchen. I know it’s because I don’t cook enough (i get it), but also because my food and prep knowledge isn’t where I would like it to be.

I came across this very informative guide to all things cooking. I know I will be referring to this for years to come. I’ve read thru it twice…and I want to get in that kitchen. 


First month in Costa Rica down and my heart is so full. I have been feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude throughout this month and I figured today, our first Thanksgiving in another country, is a great day to put a bit of it together.

I am thankful:

- that my mommy taught me to drive a stick shift

-that my old grumpy puppy dog still wants to cuddle

-for each and every person who has been a friend to me, or to anyone really

-for animals…even the creepy ones

-for my witty, loving husband, who every teaches me how to be the true version of myself

-that I have never been without

 -for my hilarious, beautifully loving family

-for my ridiculous imagination…if only I could express it

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

So here we are. Getting settled into our life in Costa Rica. I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Leaving your native country to live elsewhere is a weird thing. This whole scenario hasn’t even hit me yet, but I know it’s weird. Totally weird.

Although I already miss my family, friends, and the option of getting a really good hamburger, I am so happy to be here. So. Happy.

Everyone seems to be adjusting nicely. The dogs have found their spots and hubby has been surfing as often as he can. I found an office for my skincare studio. I can’t wait to get it up and running. My brain is moving a mile a minute with ideas and also of things I’ve forgotten.

Have I said this is weird? It is.

We are moving to Costa Rica!

We sold our house in Denver. Purchased a house in Guiones…holy shit…it’s really happening.

I am beyond excited. I am also pretty scared.

I’ve always dreamed of living steps to the beach, in the middle of the jungle.

Howler monkeys, iguanas, and a slew of insects will be our neighbors.

I think this decision is just hitting me.

We leave in October, smack dab in the middle of the rainy season…thankfully I love the rain.

Anyone have any advice? Bueller?

Last October the hubby and I left our home to figure out what the hell we wanted to do with our lives.

After living in this beautiful city of Denver for so many years we realized that we both needed a change, and the ocean. We packed up the car and drove up north to Vancouver, Canada then down south to Tecate, Mexico stopping along the way to visit friends and check out the towns. We fell in love with the laid back vibes of both Santa Cruz  and Encinitas, California. Unfortunately…we can’t afford to comfortably live in either place.

Oh well. We had an amazing time seeing the west coast, visiting old friends, and discovering our selves.

Yeah yeah yeah…I’ve totally slacked off. The guilt I have been feeling about letting posts dwindle to nada has been eating away at me.

But I have been busy with many other things…just not this.

Now I am back, with content even. Stay tuned.

Photo by Ben Earwicker

Photo by Ben Earwicker

Denver’s sweetest man was killed early Saturday morning. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this…I can’t.

I can’t yet accept that a man, acting in peace, died in violence.

I can’t understand that someone could this.

Chris Haney…you were fucking rad. You will be sorely missed.


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